How To Build Your Capsule Wardrobe For Traveling

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From Steve Jobs to former President Obama, apart from being famous and successful, they have one more thing in common — their wardrobe choices! They keep wardrobe decisions simple and easy to avoid decision fatigue. 

Building a core wardrobe makes it easy to know what to wear and is meant for mix and match. However, as per the research done by experts, a capsule wardrobe helps boost creativity and excitement. 

Now imagine this when you are traveling. Having a capsule wardrobe can make your trips so much easier!  It means no standing in your bathrobe, deciding what to wear today.

Travel capsule wardrobe lets you plan everything, avoiding last-minute panic and decision-making. But how to make it more helpful? Let’s find out. 

Basic Principles to Follow Your Travel Capsule Wardrobe 

If you are anything like me, I despise packing for trips. It takes too much time, is exhausting, and involves too much decision-making that my mind can even process. If I could outsource this, I would. 

But even with this, it can be frustrating if you are a noob like me. Following the principles of packing light can be extremely helpful. 

(Tip: A capsule wardrobe won’t work well if the bag you choose is not right (I learned this the hard way). Go with a travel backpack that is carry-on-sized. )

Pack For A Week 

Start with packing for a week. Your packing list should have enough clothes to make it worth it for a week. If you stay longer than seven days, you can do laundry. 

Fabrics Are Important 

Choose it carefully if you want to avoid ironing and dry cleaning every time.  Opt for wrinkle-free and easy-to-maintain clothing.  Synthetic fabrics are good for avoiding sweat, and Merione is for odor and temperature regulation. But avoid 100% cotton; they take time to dry and get smelly. 

Pack The Thin Layers 

Bulky and heavy layers take up a lot of space. Carry a few thin layers to keep it versatile and easy to carry while you travel. Layering can also mix and match, and you can easily style it. 

Simplify Your Palate 

Keep the wardrobe easy to match and palette neutral. With this, you don’t have to worry about what to pair it with.  Leave the wild patterns and clothing with bright hues at home. 

Tailor Your Clothes

Tailoring is a highly overlooked aspect.  A proper fit can make your most basic clothes look perfect. Also, it makes sure your clothes look part of you and serve your body. 

What Will You Need in Your Travel Capsule Wardrobe?

Now we are clear on the basics, let’s move on to what to pack. Surely, it depends on your style and what you think suits you, but a few things are basic in a travel capsule wardrobe. 

Add basic Tops & Shirts

To keep it simple,  start by choosing tops and t-shirts in neutral colors. These will be your base layers.  Then add tops that can be worn by themselves, and pack a long-sleeved sweater and shirt. 

Choose Bottoms 

A basic pair of jeans should be on your list; pair it with different shoe styles to create a look. Then, add a versatile pair of pants (blue or white or whatever color you can experiment with). Don’t forget your leggings or shorts for lounging. 

Have a Skirt, Dress & One Easy But Stylish Piece 

Choose one dress in your capsule. Dresses are versatile on their own and don’t need a lot of work to style. You can add a skirt that can be paired with your t-shirts or tops. 

Layering, Shoes & Accessories 

Add outer layers and jackets, depending on your location.  If you like denim, make sure the weather goes with it. Layering can be a game changer; you can experiment and also keep your luggage light. 

Add two different kinds of shoes to your bag. However, make sure you can pair it with all kinds of dresses. Also, be careful with how it feels to wear and make sure it’s comfortable. 

Next is accessories; keep it as simple as you can. You can choose simple bags that go with your looks and carry your personal items.

Bonus Tip For Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe 

If choosing one thing overwhelms you,  start with simple items. For me, it gets easier when I have my color palette decided.  Select your three colors. It can be one color and two neutrals. 

Neutrals go with everything and have easy styling without making you look outdated. Some of the colors I recommend are camel, white, navy, etc. You can choose a color as per your skin tone and style.

Next is to have a clear idea of how your trip is going to be. Consider the places you are going, weather, events, how much walking it includes, and activities like things. 

With these, it will be easy to plan and save your time. 

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