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Have you ever heard of the Peaberry coffee? It’s an exclusive and highly sought-after coffee that comes from a rare type of coffee bean that grows mostly in Africa, Latin America, and some parts of Asia. Recently, a brand called Coffeelady from Nagaland introduced its own version of Peaberry coffee, and it has been creating quite a stir in the coffee world.

Let’s take a closer look at Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee

• Body: Light-Medium
• Acidity: Tangy/Medium
• Aroma: Fruity with notes of peaches and grapefruit
• Aftertaste: A delightful sweetness reminiscent of candy

Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee stands out with its light-to-medium body, striking a delicate balance that brings out the best of its flavors. The tangy and medium acidity adds a lively and refreshing touch, making each sip an invigorating experience. The aroma of this coffee is delightful, featuring fruity notes of peaches and grapefruit that intertwine to create a vivid and lingering scent.

However, what truly sets Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee apart is its captivating aftertaste. It leaves behind a sweet and satisfying lingering sensation, reminiscent of indulging in your favorite childhood candy. This unique aftertaste is sure to keep you coming back for more, offering an added layer of enjoyment to your coffee experience.

Peaberry coffee, in general, is known for its distinct flavor profile. Unlike traditional coffee beans, where two halves develop inside the coffee cherry, the Peaberry is formed when only one bean grows, allowing it to absorb more nutrients and develop a richer taste.

A Favorable Region To Utilize The Best

Coffee Lady has capitalized on these rare and distinctive beans to create their Peaberry coffee, resulting in a coffee that offers an exclusive and unparalleled flavor experience.

Moreover, nestled in the northeastern region of India, Nagaland boasts a favorable geographical location for growing exquisite coffee. With its hilly terrain, optimal altitude, and a climate characterized by cool winters and moderate summers, Nagaland provides ideal conditions for coffee cultivation.

Over the years, the region has emerged as a thriving coffee-growing region, known for producing high-quality beans of various types, including the sought-after Peaberry coffee. The unique combination of the region’s soil, climate, and diligent farming practices results in coffee with exceptional flavors and characteristics.

coffeelady, peaberry coffee

Peaberry coffee from Nagaland stands out even further, as it is cultivated from rare, single beans that encapsulate the concentrated essence of flavor within their distinct shape. This makes Peaberry coffee from Nagaland a truly remarkable and delightful choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a memorable and exquisite cup of coffee.

Coffee Lady’s Peaberry coffee is a must-try if you consider yourself a coffee aficionado who enjoys exploring new and extraordinary flavors. With its harmonious combination of light-medium body, tangy acidity, fruity aroma with hints of peaches and grapefruit, and a sweet candy-like aftertaste, this coffee delivers a remarkable and unforgettable coffee experience.

Few Added Details

  • Coffee Lady’s Peaberry Estate was plucked at 1040m elevation with 3-hectors of plantation of Arabica coffee
  • Intercropped with Lemon 🍋
  • Name of the Farm: Mollier farm
  • Location: Yimchalu Mokokchung, Nagaland

Get Your Pack Of Peaberry Coffee

To savor the exceptional taste of Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee, you can DM Coffeelady on their Instagram page or call +91 9863931357.

Indulge in a cup of this exclusive brew and allow it to take you on a flavorful journey like no other.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the world of Peaberry coffee with Coffeelady – a truly remarkable discovery in the coffee industry!

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