Fall/Winter Fashion Trends: What’s Hot in 2023?

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The hottest styling themes of summer are starting to feel dated (sorry, rosettes!), but 2023’s fall fashion trends are here to help us start over. 

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The most popular summer styling trends are beginning to look dated, but the autumnal fashion trends of 2023 are here to help us start over. High-end capsule wardrobe essentials that blend in with the background are said to be the height of “quiet luxury” this season.

Although we did see a lot of trench coats layered over jeans, that is not the whole story.

Add fresh energy to your wardrobe by incorporating these upcoming fall fashion trends. You can also shop our trend edit below to see how to incorporate them with your current wardrobe and get a jump on the most exciting pieces for this season. 

Additionally, you can shop our trend edit below to get a head start on the most exciting pieces of this season and interpret them with what you already own. 

Check out these runway fall fashion trends for 2023 that you should already be aware of.

Nothing But Red

If you ask any designer, they will tell you the same thing: In 2023, red will be the color of fall. In 2023, red will be the hue of autumn. 

Unlike the more subdued earth tones you might expect for fall, this color is striking and captivating, easily taking center stage in a room or on a social media feed. Regardless of your preferred shade—the simplest way to stand out this season is to wear a tonal ensemble that starts with a pair of red flats.

Working Lady

You may soon discover that you are dressing like you, even if you do not work in an office. Workplace essentials with a twist are in style this autumn: extra-long-bow blouses at Givenchy, secretary skirts with exposed underwear and blazer dresses. If you prefer to wear shoulder pads, Saint Laurent and Armani runways strongly reminded me of the 1980s power dressing trend. Probably everything you need to play this is already in your closet, but it never hurts to treat yourself to a new fall jacket or pair of shoes.

Notched on One Side.

Off-the-shoulder silhouettes, which are slinky, seductive, and surprisingly versatile, are set to return big in the season’s fall/winter fashion trends. Paloma Wool and Jonathan Simkhai dressed up the look with puff sleeves and straps, while Carolina Herrera, Acne Studios, and Tory Burch kept their interpretations more understated. This autumn, why not flash a little collarbone? (If it gets cold, you can always wrap a scarf around yourself)

Black on Navy

Traditional fashion advice suggests that black and navy should never mix, but some of the most striking fall looks successfully did that. It is crucial to remember that you are allowed to break the law as long as you have faith in your abilities. The next time you feel like pushing the boundaries, even a little, go ahead and throw on a black pair of wide-leg pants and a navy blazer. 

Prints of Artwork

This season, a lot of runways featured prints that would make collectors happy, such as Loewe’s dresses printed with images of other dresses or Stella McCartney’s opulent horses. For its collection, Paco Rabanne plucked pieces from Dalí’s body of work, and Puppets and Puppets included blown-up images from a painting by Gaspare Traversi. Fashion is very much focused on art this season; embrace it with these printed pieces.

Gothic Love 

It is time to embrace your inner witch now that the nights are growing longer. Fashion month began with a bang-up show by Rodarte, where models in all black velvet and lace floated past like vampire coven members. The same gothic glamour was evoked elsewhere by sheer corsetry at Versace, Wednesday Addams-esque styling at Adeam, and blood-red ribbons at Simone Rocha. Do not have to go all Siouxsie Sioux at home; just mix in some lace, ribbons, and statement collars.

All the Glitters for the Fall/Winter Fashion Trends of 2023

You would think we were back in the roaring 20s judging from the amount of shine on the 2023 runways. Although sequins tend to become outdated as soon as January 31st rolls around, this year’s designers are arguing for “daytime shine”—wearable separates that can liven up even the most basic staples like blue jeans and tank tops. 

Although this trend is available in all metallic hues (rose gold, bronze, gold, etc.), we have a soft spot for the look of liquid silver, which also works well as a neutral. 

Weather for Sweaters

Fall is a great season to wear sweaters—we are not sure if anyone has ever noticed this before. Designer brands such as Victoria Beckham, Louis Vuitton, and Bottega Veneta showcased exquisitely large jumpers accessorized with warm pieces like winter scarves and leggings. This is the final cue you need to stock up on jumpers before it gets cold enough to wear sweaters.

We hope these fall/winter fashion trends of 2023 will help you navigate and pick the coolest look for the season.

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